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Clear Plastic Shoe Boxes....NEW!!!
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Fri Jan 22 2010, 05:01pm

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In my travels, I found a new product brand, (at least new to me) which I thought I would share. We are always looking for inexpensive ways to make fry tanks, or flow-thru systems, without having to purchase glass...
I was at a "bed, bath & beyond" here in Richmond, and found these clear plastic shoe box containers.. dimensions 8 1/16" wide x 13 9/16" long x 4 5/16" high 1.35 gal or 5.4 qts. or 5.1 litres (205mm x 345mm x 110mm )
They are made by a company named "IRIS", which is an american company.. only name on tag is
"MODULAR BOX" They are $1.99 each, and I don't know if one can get a bulk rate/price, as I didn't ask at the store.. probably need to buy way more than I did to get a better price, but all in all, the existing price is not bad.
I will know better here in a while, whether they hold up to drilling, and such, but what I really like about them is they are pretty much "square" with clear sides and ends! makes for much easier viewing, instead of the the ones that have all the formed or molded handles built in and such.
I am going to mess with them a bit this coming week, so will send out another report on them after I have had a chance to mess with them a bit.


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Thu Mar 11 2010, 08:26pm
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I went to BB and Beyond yesterday and purchased one each of this size and the next size up, which is 11 1/16W, 18L, and 7 3/16H which they call a 17QT box. I liked this size better but it does retail for $5.99. The one above just seems small for me but I am a newbie so who knows.

I went to The Container Store in Congressional Plaza <301.770.4800> today and found a size I think I am more comfortable with. This one is 13.25L 5.25H and 9.5W. I think this comes out to something like ~2.75gal. The price for this is $3.49 for quantities 1 - 19 and $2.99 for 20 or more. The store calls this the Men's Shoe Box and has SKU 10008760 and 10001407 respectively.

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