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Sanity Check for fishroom build
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Thu Dec 31 2009, 03:24pm
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I am taking over a 16x40ft room and will be converting it to a fish room. I already have purchased some of the tanks to be used in this room, color coded green and yellow on the diagrams. I am planning on a central system and also to tie into an above ground 9x18 (4500g)Intex swimming pool that will house freshwater stingrays.


The return from the killie tanks will dump into a 120gallon sump that feeds 2 pumps, the secondary being triggered by a float switch. These pump water into the 4500 gallon pool. I also would like to use some of the polyester pond filter pads used in larger pond setups in the sump to provide an initial mech filter. The pool itself has mounting holes for external filters and I was planning on using them to feed a large pump. This will "T" off, one going to 6 x 55 gallon drums filled with bioballs and dumping back into the bottom on the pool, with the other "T" going through a pond bead filter then a 240watt Lifeguard UV unit. This should supply the filtered return water to all the tanks and if the flow is excessive, dump back into the pool.

From what I have gathered the stingrays are particularly susceptible to ammonia in the water, not so much the gills like normal fish, rather the internal organs are not suited due to their conversion from salt to fresh eons ago so I hope the bio filter side will be sufficient. [Stingrays produce a massive amount of ammonia due to their osmoregulatory system that has evolved to sustain life in completely freshwater.] Water changes will happen via backwashing the bead filter which feeds the purple sump which in turn is pumped outside. Sink waste will dump here too. I am on a well but lack the septic drainage to support weekly water changes so it is being pumped unto a field close by.

As for live food, I took the advice for my sole CAKC meeting and purchased an outdoor water trough from Tractor Supply. I got some daphnia eggs from a seller on Aquabid and was able to make 100s of 1000s of these. The watermelon worked well. I am experimenting right now inside with a very slight water drip from my killie setup into one of the tanks to see if I can get them more acclimated to the water. It seems they die just as fast as BBS when the chemistry is not the same. Go figure. I also planning on 2 x 2litre BBS hatching containers, already owned and used, and want to try some freshwater shrimp. If nothing else these can be housed on the 16x4 shelf that exists above the area with main sump and 2 pumps.

Right now I own everything save the filters but am buying the barrels Monday, the pool, and the grey breeder tanks. The sumps and pumps are also owned, one is 3/4hp Baldor with priming pot, the other 1/6 Sequent. a I really want to get everything on one system and use the pool as the "sump" since it holds a lot of water and even with a loss of electricity I do not need worry about flooded floors . The grey fishtanks I do not yet own and may have to build if I can not find anymore of a similar design to the green acrylic breeders, I really like the look.

I have a concern in the first sump being able to handle the return from the tanks, maybe 2000g in tanks alone, hence the 2 pumps with one on a UPS for power failures. People on MonsterFishKeepers suggest a weekly 25% water change which I think I will be able to revise but that will have to be decided on later as no one with rays has a similiar setup. I also plan on augmenting the 25mil pool liners with a 45mil liner from Lilypons.

Anything you all see that I may have missed?

After doing the preview, it looks like I can not upload my diagrams into this message so I will email them out to anyone wanting to look. I did them in Visio and saved them as JPG so anyone can look at them. I was happy in that I could move my tanks around and see how things fit before actually doing anything and think the layout will look great.

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