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Help please with ID's...
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Wed Oct 20 2010, 06:46pm

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I have been doing some much needed inventory, and have discovered the following.

Ok.. I need some help here...
if someone has the photos, can they post the following for me......

aphy Bivittatum "funge" female pic (I have a male and a couple females? but I have some young in another tank that I think are from this group... must have moved eggs and didn't realize it...
** are the females of the Tiko Green, very similar to the Funge's??? that is my dilema....

Next: I need to see pics of Aphy Ocellatum "Nzelle"..... I have a couple fish (eggs again that were moved with java moss inadvertantly) that I am quite sure are not australe's these tend to be much lighter in color but similar body shape.....

I have a female (not doing so well) Riv. uroflammeus Sigfridei Jardin Gaia CR 03 and wonder if someone has extra males, or wants this female......

I have 3 large female ap. lineatus, and either would like to find a male or would gladly send these girls to someone who wants to house them....

thanks for the help....

orchid addict gone to the dogs (and now Killies)
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Wed Oct 20 2010, 07:45pm
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I don't have pictures, but the Funge are bivitattum, that have heavier and larger bodies, with two prominent horizontal stripes. The Tiko Green are splendopleure, with smaller, more slender bodies, that also may exhibit the two horizontal stripes. You should be able to find pictures on either the West African killie site found now on the AKA website, or somewhere else on the internet.
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Fri Oct 22 2010, 01:07am

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As Dick indicated the Funge is a much more robust fish. Also much darker with blues in the body/tail. I do not have a photo of Tiko Green female, but here is a photo of a Male. The female will have very simular subdue coloration where the Funge is a darker Female. AKA site has picture of Funge Male. I'll see if I can send it to you in a private email.

Regrading Riv Uro. Yes, most likely came from my fish room. I have a tank full and you are more than welcome to a male. If you do not want the female, bring her to the next meeting and we'll find a home for her.

Re: Ocellatum Here is a dif location. The dif in location is close to make a determination. They should look nothing close to Australe.

I'll send you the other photos under seperate emial.

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Wed Oct 27 2010, 08:29pm
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[ Edited Sat Oct 30 2010, 08:19pm ]
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